Saqqal Trading Company

“Shakal Saze Tahkeem Banyan” company with more than 40 years of experience in implementing civil buildings, such as the largest specialized children’s hospital in the Middle East located in Khavaran town of Tabriz, Petrochemical entertainment complex in Tabriz, construction of 150 residential villas in Rushdieh town of Tabriz and…

It is one of the successful construction companies of the country, which has put efforts and activities in order to achieve the peace and comfort of the people of the society along with the expert and experienced staff.

The scientific, operational and experience support of the past years has enabled this company to integrate and consolidate related expertise in the fields of (buildings, water, roads) and using new methods of design, calculation, implementation and having modern The best machines and with the optimal use of resources, time and experienced and expert forces, to complete all the items of a project from the design stage to the operation, taking into account its cultural attachments for the peace and psychological security of the citizens of the society.

Saqqal Trading Company; As a branch of Saqal Sazeh Takhim Banyan Holding, it deals with its international activities in foreign trade, import and export of various products.

This area has started its activity in the field of import and export in 2014. Among its activities, we can mention the import of Russian and European types of wood, meat, live livestock, digital appliances, etc., which are needed by the Iranian consumer market.

The purpose of creating this international chain is to increase international communication to sell better and more domestically produced products, and to import foreign products needed by the market.

Among the advantages of using the international website of Saqal Trader for you, the following examples can be mentioned:
Easy shopping (saving time and money):

Officials of factories and wholesalers and tool stores and other dear customers can make their purchases by visiting the site or installing the Shaqal application from the market or Sib app without visiting the stores in the city and without spending extra time or money to prepare the product. Those who want to spend that product will be delivered to their home or workplace.

Price and quality guarantee:

The Saqqal Trader site guarantees all its products in terms of price and quality, and if the dear customers have a request to return the product, it has provided this opportunity to its customers for seven days from the time of delivery.

Easy access to imported goods:

We know that we have to go through many steps to import the goods we need inside the country. From ordering goods, providing currency, etc., which is done inside the country, to finding a suitable place to supply quality goods, which is done outside the country. The difficulty of this work becomes clear when you do all the work but later find out that the person to whom you deposited the amount is a fraud and you lose all your capital that cannot be traced.

Saqqal Trading Company has been in contact with large foreign companies and has resolved all these concerns. Dear friends, the smallest benefit you get from cooperation with Sakhal Trading is that you pay the least possible time and cost to get a foreign quality product.

Access of foreign merchants to Iranian products:

Let’s have this word with foreign merchants that we can provide them with the best quality and the lowest price from our dear country Iran.