Currency transfer abroad, currency transfer services of Euro, Dollar, Ruble, Kazakh Tenge, Dirham, Yuan.

Due to the US sanctions against our country Iran, which has been in place for years, all our banking relations with all the countries of the world have been cut off and we have to make currency transfers for any type of commercial activity. which is always the concern of all people who are somehow involved in business. In the last few years, this is possible with trusted exchanges and reputable companies, and all businessmen use this method to transfer their money and currency.


Expertise in carrying out foreign currency transfers


Skill, expertise, study and experience are factors that will lead to mastery in a field. Therefore, in this case too, all these factors are involved, and those who get help should have sufficient expertise and mastery.

Transferring currency to foreign accounts, abroad, requires a series of methods and conditions that each person cannot do on his own. So, in this situation, an intermediary is needed who is able to deposit the desired amount of currency to the account to which you intend to transfer it. As a result, for this work, get help and advice from people, companies or organizations that have complete expertise in this field.

“Shakhal Holding” is also specialized in this matter due to extensive activities in export and import and also due to the provision of a professional team capable of transferring foreign currency to foreign accounts. If you need remittances and foreign exchange in different currency units such as dollars, euros, lira, yuan, rubles, etc., to countries such as China, Turkey, Russia, UAE, etc., contact us.

An easy, online and offline method that is possible by spending the least possible time. And you can transfer your money and currency completely safely by trusting our company and our expertise in this field.

way to do

The way of calculating and carrying out the currency transfer is that at the time of the transaction, this amount is transferred with the remittance price of the currency, which is actually the daily price of the currency plus the fee. The fee is variable and different according to the transfer amount, the currency and the country in question, and each one is checked separately and then announced.


If you need to get other information, you can contact the consultants of “Shakal Holding”.

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