Steel shovel size 2 and 3

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  • Stainless steel spade with black finish
  • Has European standards
  • ISO 9001 international product mark
  • Has a money back guarantee

10 years warranty

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2 and 3 weight steel shovels are used in various industries including agriculture and construction industries.

Steel type

This product is made of ST52 steel. This type of steel is stronger than ST37 steel and does not easily bend or break. As you know, ST37 steel is one of the light and flexible steels.

10-year warranty for the steel shovel

ST 52 steel material is so reliable that the company has considered a 10-year warranty for this product, which is engraved on the product itself.

Product dimensions

The steel shovel with dimensions of 25 x 30 cm and with a handle of 15 cm is one of the most widely used shovels in the fields of agriculture and construction.

The weight of this shovel is 900 grams.

In its industrial design, they chose a black furnace color. So that it does not cause discoloration and rust.

Steel shovel standards

European standard badge
By complying with the standards of the European Standard Organization, this product has the European standard mark on its products.

International ISO product mark
Receiving ISO 9001, which is the international standard in the industry for implementing and maintaining the quality management system in production; It is engraved on the product.


The packaging of this size 2 and size 3 steel shovel in wholesale and export is covered and sent in bags of 30 and 40 pieces.

Registration and delivery of orders

To register your orders, you can contact the numbers listed on the Saqal Trader website and register your order.

Delivery of products can usually be sent in a few working days.

It should be noted: the product delivery period for truckloads is about twenty working days.

Product after-sales service

Also, Saqqal Trader company has made it possible to send and deliver goods at the border of Iran for after-sales services. Also, you can receive your steel shovel order at the door of the factory or even in a third country.

How to use Taqal Trader’s steel shovel?

There are two holes on the steel shovel handle. You can rivet the wooden shovel handle to the steel shovel with two screws and use it for a long time.

The use of these shovels along with its wooden shovel handle is such that..

You hold the shovel by the wooden handle.
You dig into the desired ground.
On the bent part of the edge of the steel shovel, press with your foot so that the shovel sinks into the ground as much as necessary and picks up the soil.
Then pull out the shovel and put the soil inside the shovel aside.
Repeat this process until you reach your desired level of work.
The result is a product with high work efficiency for the dear consumer. Our effort at Saqqal Trader is to satisfy you, our dear customers.

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