انواع دسته بیل و نحوه تولید آن

Types of shovels and how to produce them

We will examine the types of shovel handles and how to produce them.

As you know, the shovel handle is a tool that is attached to the end of the shovel so that we can work better with the shovel.

Types of shovel handles:

  • Appearance:

Shovel handles are produced in different types according to the type of shovels produced in different countries. For example, in the countries of Russia and Iran, they are produced in a cylindrical form, and in Turkey, Finland and most European countries, they are produced in the form of a cylinder, which is rectangular in the connection to the shovel.

  • Wood material:

In addition to the appearance of the shovel handle, there are also differences in its wood. Shovel handles are usually produced from beech (Russian and European), bryoza, asena, cham, sparrow tongue (Iranian and European), forest and any wood that has good tensile strength.

Beech, European sparrow tongue and bryoza wood have very high density. If we want to declare in order, beech wood ranks first, European sparrow tongue ranks second, and bryoza wood ranks third.

  • Grading:

Super shovel handle: types of shovel handles are also different in terms of grading. Based on this grading, the bundles that are packed without the smallest item are placed in the super shovel bundle grade. These handles are made from the best part of the wood and therefore have a higher price.

First-class shovel handle: In this rating, handles that have very small spots or handles that have a slight amount of crookedness are included. It is emphasized that there is no place in this grid for the categories that have big knots or moles.

Grade 2 spade handle or spotted: In this grade, handles that have big spots or knots or handles that are crooked are placed. Usually, these handles are used as paddle handles or others. The price of these handles is much lower than the Super Bill handle.

How to produce shovel handle:

Cutting and turning into wood pellets: as mentioned above. The best type of wood for making a spade handle is beech wood, European sparrow tongue and bryoza.

To make a shovel handle, they first cut trees in the forest and then cut them into pieces to send to the factory.

Turning into lumber and four-turning and drying shovel handles: After the logs are sent to the factory, they are cut into 150 cm lengths.
Then they turn it into logs with a thickness of 3.4 cm. After the above timbers are converted into square saws with dimensions of 150 x 3.4 x 4.4 cm, they are placed in a warm house or open space to dry.

Wood rounding: Usually, when the moisture content of the shavings reaches 8-15%, they are transferred to the rounding machine. In this part, by the machine, the squares are turned into wooden cylinders and in other words, they are rounded.

Creating the conical and egg-shaped part: In order for the shovel handle to easily land and lock in the shovel, the part that enters the metal or steel shovel must be conical.
Due to the cone shape that has a conical part, it gradually hardens in the shovel. Therefore, in order to create the conical part, the handles must be turned by the female conical machine.

After the cone is struck, the spade handles go to the egg laying machine. At this stage, the end part of the spade handle becomes egg-shaped with the device.
The higher the quality of this work, the more beautiful the hands will look.

Sanding types of shovel handles and how to produce them:

At this stage, in order to remove uneven surfaces from the wood and create a completely polished surface, the handles must be placed in the sanding machine. This device makes the surface of the shovel handle completely smooth and polished by two sandpapers, which is the first coarse-grained sandpaper and the second fine-grained sandpaper, so as not to harm the hands of the users during work.

Packaging: After the bundles are ready for the consumer market. They are packed in packs of 10, 20 and 25 according to market needs.

Of course, in the matter of import and export, in order not to create a large volume of trolleys or means of transport, the shovels are classified as pallets. to reduce shipping costs. And at the destination, they pack in 20 pieces or any number they want.

Of course, in discussing the types of shovel handles and how to produce them, it should also be mentioned that due to the advancement of technology, there are now devices. which perform the operation of cones and eggs at the same time without the need for workers.

How to buy and prepare shovel handle:

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