Russian plywood

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Russian plywood is a type of board or wood that is mixed with thin sheets of wood on top of each other.

  • seven layers
  • five layers
  • three layers

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Russian plywood is a type of board or wood that is mixed with thin sheets of wood on top of each other.

Russian plywood consists of “3-5-7” layers. The thickness and grade of the sheet determines the number of layers. As mentioned, three layers, five layers and seven layers are sold, and the number of layers is always odd.

Application of Russian plywood

The current product is Russian plywood. The number of superimposed layers in the board is called ply. All of which have the same thickness. This thickness in Russian seven-layer board varies from 1.4 to 4.3 mm.

The use of high-quality and high-strength wooden materials leads to the production of this product. As a result, it is as hard as concrete. What you get in terms of quality refers to resistance to warping, twisting, shrinkage, cracking, breaking, resistance to creep, hardness and durability.

Due to its strong flat shear strength and impact resistance, it is used in floor structures and heavy walls. Excellent surface hardness, wear and damage resistance can be found in Russian plywood.

Purpose of Russian plywood production

The properties of these plywoods are different according to the purpose expected from its production. This difference between the layers is determined when the sheets are glued together by different resin adhesives and secondly by the amount of pressure exerted on the layers.
The type of glue used to produce Russian 7-layer board is grade A or B; It shows good resistance in the construction industry and in concrete molding, which is used in any weather conditions such as cold, heat outside and also in humid conditions.

The difference in Russian plywood

The difference in plywood or Russian plywood, which we can also call hardwood plywood, compared to other woods; In what?!

  • Wood
  • Physical characteristics
  • place of use
  • Limitations

Differences in wood:

We must know that the type of wood used is the main difference to create hard or soft plywood.

Differences in physical characteristics:

The presence of additional sealants applied to Russian hardwood plywood makes it more resistant to chipping and rotting.
These are two examples of the differences that we can point out in the production and use of hard plywood.
You can get Russian plywood from Shaqal Trading Company to complete your construction projects and other uses. This company imports Russian plywood from neighboring countries. Considering the production and conservation strategies of the country’s natural resources and the environment and not cutting down the forest trees, it tries to import this product from neighboring countries.

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