Turkish alder wood

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Turkish alder wood is a kind of quality wood. which is used for making furniture, musical instruments.

  • The minimum purchase is 20 cubic meters.

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Turkish alder wood is a kind of quality wood.

This wood grows in the forests of Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey and Iran. This species occupies 30% of the country’s northern forests only in Iran.

The current product is from the forests of Turkey, which is imported by Saqal Trading and from Saqal Factory in Turkey.

Dimensions and weight of Turkish alder wood

Tall alder trees have a height of 20 meters. The growth time of these trees is long and after about 30 years they are ready to be cut and used in wood industry.

The timber of this wood is sold in the market in lengths of 2 to 3 meters and thicknesses of 5, 7 and 10 cm. The width of this product varies between 15 and 40 cm.

The specific weight of this wood is about 400-500 kg/m3. However, it is lighter compared to woods like beech and walnut.

Price per cubic meter of alder wood

The price of alder wood in northern Iran is cheap compared to other regions. Not because the north of Iran is the origin of this wood, but because the alder wood of the north has a lower quality than the alder wood of European countries.

Alder wood from Ukraine, Georgia and Turkey has a higher quality than Iranian alder, so they have a higher price. Its price varies according to different seasons of the year and is expressed in dollars due to the fluctuations of the lira price against the dollar. Its price is estimated in dollars per cubic meter.

In fact, its price depends on the dollar price due to the fact that this product is imported. And for this reason, the price of each cubic meter of alder wood changes at any moment.

That’s why its dollar price is registered on the site and you can get its price in Riyals according to the dollar price. Or contact our experts.

Uses of Turkish alder wood

Alder wood for sofa

This wood is used in the furniture industry, especially in the cities of Marand, Malair and Qom, which are the main origin of the use of this wood. Because these three cities are the main centers of Iran’s furniture production. Since it has a soft and flexible texture, the wood is malleable and easy to work with, and for this reason, it is in high demand in the furniture and decoration industries.

Alder wood coloring is unique. It varies from white to red and brown. It has attractive and excellent colors. Therefore, it is also used in interior decoration.

Alder parquet and flooring
It is used in the preparation of parquet, sofa, seven-layer board and three-layer board. This wood is also used in flooring. But it should not remain wet and it must be dried quickly. It is true that this wood is compatible with humid environments, but if it is in the vicinity of water for a long time, it loses its quality.

Musical instruments
Making musical instruments is one of the other uses of tusk. Because it is polished and beautiful. Also, due to its light weight, it is easier for the user to use musical instruments.

Properties of Turkish alder wood

  • During drying, it has less warping than beech.
  • Its dyeability is good and chemical colors sit well on it.
  • It is easy to polish.
  • It has high adhesive absorption.
  • It is light and easy to transport.
  • It is soft and malleable.
  • It grows well in moist places.

It should be noted that you should never buy alder wood by weight and kilograms. Because when alder wood dries, it loses a lot of water and becomes much lighter. Therefore, it will not be cost-effective for the buyer to buy it by the kilo. Alder wood should be purchased per cubic meter.

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